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All your information to a reliable source, an address/phone book...

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Using the Local Phone Book as a Job Search Tool

The phone book has had somewhat of an identity crisis, in light of the rising popularity of the internet. Many people spend their days online at work or at home, so it is only natural that these same people would use online directories to find business listings and other local information. When it comes to job searching, however, this could be a big mistake.

The local phone book lends itself very well to the job-seeker's needs because it is more complete in its listings of businesses and companies, as well as individuals related to those businesses if they happen to have a land line. In comparison, online listings are not as complete. Many businesses, if not most, do not have a website. Small businesses, especially, will not go to the trouble of designing and maintaining online advertising of their own. That's where the phone book excels.

Job seekers can cover more area faster and more thoroughly over the phone. While some people looking for employment will drive around with their resume in hand, hoping for an interview, this may not be the most efficient way to make initial contact or maintain contact with potential employers. Sitting down with the Yellow Pages can produce immediate connections with just the person with whom you need to speak. Business owners and workers will often pick up a ringing phone and leave customers waiting while they talk to you. In contrast, some in-person job applicants will fill out lengthy applications and often be instructed to leave it with someone who has nothing to do with hiring. Who knows what happens to it? If an applicant has already spoken to "John" about a position, it can cut through a lot of protocol, which blocks setting the job-seeker apart from all the other applicants.

Screening out businesses that are not hiring is faster and easier on the phone when using the Yellow Pages as a job-seeking tool. No one will be pushing an application at you over the phone, telling you to fill it out, because they don't know whether there is a job opening or not. If that happens from the phone search, the job-seeker can choose to pass on it without insulting anyone in person by walking out of an establishment.

Using this method as a tool in a job search also saves on gas and time, just when one may need it most.



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